Vijay Dalwani | Systems Consultant

Vijay Dalwani | Operational Excellent Mentor

Entrepreneurial mindset and approach towards business, profitability-driven strategies, strong belief in people development and exploring their capabilities.

Vijay Dalwani | Systems ConsultantVijay Dalwani is an Entrepreneurial mindset and approach towards business, profitability-driven strategies, a strong belief in people development, and exploring their capabilities. They are specialized in setting up companies from ground zero and implementing processes in almost all business departments. Excellent people management skills and P&L management.

Specialties: process design and implementation, people development and training, cost-effective setup in a start-up environment, strategy design, and mentoring for effective implementation. Operational excellence specialist

Vijay is a team player, inspiring, and has a special knack for leveraging team dynamics to create a positive environment for the business with teams focused on operational excellence.

He has set up several businesses from scratch, successfully taking them to the level of 1200 employees and more, with efficiency, profitability and customer delight. Innovation in each area of operations is his key strength.

Experience in Industry Segments:

  • Offshore software development
  • IT Infrastructure and Networking
  • Backoffice and BPO setup for
    1. TV shopping companies
    2. Health & Wellness Brands  Mobile App Development
  • Media and Publications
  • Hospitality Consulting
  • Events and Talent Management
  • Representing Foreign Brands in India