Thank You very Much Patrons for showing tremendous faith in us. Our First Retreat is sold out. Based on the inquiries, we are announcing SECOND RETREAT at the same venue from 02.09.21 To 05.09.21.


4 Days Of Accelerated Growth. A Tribe Of Brilliant Outliers. One breath-taking Location.

Calling all ambitious entrepreneurs to join the tribe of thought leaders, creators, changemakers committed to make a difference in the world and lead exceptional lives on a 4-day transformative weekend retreat.

What is The B.E.E.R Project ?

The B.E.E.R. Project stands for “Business Efficiency Enhancement Retreat”, a4-day immersive program to create meaningful business that truly makes a difference. To create a business that brings joy, happiness and fulfillment along with freedom to do what you love.

The B.E.E.R. Project is our initiative to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to learn, grow, brainstorm ideas and meet likeminded people to build accountability towards one’s personal and business growth.

Our Vision is to build a community of thought leaders who are passionate about growth and desire to make a change through their business, we want to inspire millions of entrepreneurs of this world and want them to join us for this life transforming project.


What can you expect at The B.E.E.R. Project?

The B.E.E.R. Project is a 4-day highly experiential retreat at an exotic beach facing venue in Goa.

  • It’s a mastermind meet, a celebration and learning hub.
  • It’s a journey of excellence we take up together.
  • You will learn the growth hacking techniques over the weekend.
  • Introspect and enjoy a nature walk by the beachside.
  • Brainstorm ideas, plan your business with our templates.
  • Discover your Purpose as you take a break from your busy life.
  • Take a well-deserved time off to connect with your inner self, set goals, create impactful action plans that will get you results and make lifelong friendships with others.
  • A chance to network with like minded people and explore the ideas of collaborations.

Every experience is scientifically designed to get your creative juices flowing, with fun activities that will push you out of your comfort zone. We promise a complete reinvention and rejuvenation of your personality. Techniques and templates are curated to create the maximum impact in the way you think and do business, which will enable you to do more in a day with less work hours and at the same time have positive effect on your revenue & profit figures.

4 Days of Accelerated growth and breakthroughs. This unique program covers;

A. VisioNeering Life by Design

We design our clothes, we design our homes, do we design our lives?VisioNeeringLife by Design is a unique methodology that will give you an insight into your Life Purpose, Break limiting mental blocks and enable you to design the life of your dreams.

VisioNeering is the mental rehearsal for Success, a powerful 5 step system that guarantees subconscious mind programming and puts success on autopilot.

Get the Life by Design workbook, work with us and learn the most impactful goal setting system that works and sticks to give you impactful results.

You will learn:

  • Discover Life Purpose.
  • Create a compelling Vision that inspires.
  • Identify the secret to unstoppable motivation.
  • Get your Life design workbook.
  • Overcome years of limiting conditioning.
  • Identify 6 Mental blocks that stop business growth.
  • Experience breakthrough techniques.
  • Breakthrough a limiting mindset and much more.

B. Challenges Management

The covid 19 has really shaken up how businesses function, some failed and some thrived.

Challenges Management is dedicated to empower and equip you with attitude, skills and tools to create a recession proof strategy that withstands any challenge.

You will learn:

  • Systems and Processes.
  • Magnetic Marketing Strategies.
  • Problem Solving Techniques.
  • Self-Motivation and keeping Employees motivated and aligned to company’s vision even in the toughest of times.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

C. Productivity Booster

Productivity is a Key to Success.

A company’s productivity is very relatable to entrepreneur’s personal productivity. Productivity Booster program will enable you to boost concentration, deepen your focus, turbocharge your energy, beat procrastination and master your time.

Productivity Booster program will enable you to unleash your potential and take the quantum leap to Success.

You will learn:

  • 3 Elements of Productivity.
  • Learn the DOSE of Happiness system to manage stress and discover true joy and bliss.
  • Learn 6 proven effective time management techniques.
  • Learn to create time for yourself to do what you love.
  • Mindfulness Techniques for calm and blissful life.
  • Breathwork Meditation.
  • Overcome fear and break the mental barriers with the most thrilling Firewalk
  • Experience the best celebration party of your life, where you celebrate NEW YOU.

While you may have many reasons to not join this Retreat.

Here are 7 Reasons to not miss this most life transforming experience.

  1. It is the most cost effective program, you will ever attend. We at The B.E.E.R. Project are on a mission to impact millions of business owners world over. We have kept the fee at its minimum, while offering you maximum value for your time and money.
  2. It’s just 4 days you give to yourself for your personal growth and save yourself days and years of stress, regret and feeling of being stuck.
  3. Understand that if your business has suffered during the lockdown or you have been facing challenges with your family and employees then there is something you need to learn from experts who have thrived during the lockdown. The more you LEARN the more you EARN.
  4. You will be learning from the best of coaches and teachers in their field of expertise from Nutrition to Spiritualty to Business. We provide you non-judgemental space and the best proven practices for personal and business transformation.
  5. You deserve a break for all the hard work you have been doing. You need to retreat; A tiger also takes few steps back before it takes its majestic leap. You need to step out of your busy lives and be amongst liked minded enthusiastic supportive people to create something magical, something new.
  6. You will love the location. It’s an exotic beach facing resort in GOA. Wake up every day in the lap of nature with the healing sounds of the waves, free your inner child. Remember its only in nature that you can find yourself.
  7. You will be a part of our Exclusive The BEER Project Mastermind group. You will be guided and mentored in your journey after the retreat as well for 21 days to ensure that you are able to implement everything you will learn at the retreat. Online learning programs on essential skills to develop your personality and grow your business are some valued added programs we will offer to you even after the retreat.


             So, what are you waiting for? click on the link below to book your slot.

Program Inclusions:

  • Luxury Stay at a Beach Front Resort (Single and Twin Sharing Options).
  • All meals on API plan.
  • 4-Day Fun filled learning programs.
  • Team Bonding, Networking and Breakthrough Activities.
  • NLP Techniques and Efficiency Enhancement Tools.
  • Access to the Exclusive The B.E.E.R Project MasterMind Community.
  • Yoga, Wellness, Nutrition Guidance.
  • Music, Entertainment, DrumCircle Activities.


Kindly Note: First day will start with Lunch on September 2nd and Last day will end on September 5th with one session after breakfast.


Program Exclusions:

  • Airfare/TrainFare to reach Goa.
  • Any local transport or airport pickup/drop.
  • Any extra or A-la-carte room services ordered in the resort.
  • Additional services of the resort i.e. laundry, traveldesk or concierge etc.


Program Fees: (per participant)


Participation Type Actual Fees Discounted Fees Discount %age
Single Occupancy 75000.00 35000.00 54%
Twin Sharing 60000.00 30000.00 50%
Group of 4 (Twin Sharing) 55000.00 25000.00 54%

18% GST Extra


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